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Fruit Trees

There are many benefits to growing fruit trees in your garden, not least the satisfaction of picking and eating your own delicious fruit but also for the colour and scent of blossom in the spring. Many fruit trees can be pruned and trained to form a barrier or border. Positioned well to provide a shady spot or a focal point for your garden.

Many of our fruit trees are cultivated here in the Rocky Mountain Nurseries enabling us to provide hardy garden ready trees at unbeatable prices.


Here are just a few examples of the Fruit Trees we have available at Rocky Mountain Nurseries. If you can't find what you are looking for listed here please call or contact us as we may well have it in stock.

Arthur Turner


Arthur Turner apple on tree.


Large greenish-yellow flushed orange-brown fruits. Excellent baking apple which cooks to a well-flavoured yellow puree which needs little sugar adding. Good for pies, sauce or baking. Heavy cropper. Suitable for colder areas and is more resistant to frost. Pollination group B.


Root Stock:MM106. Ht.6ft

Partially Self Fertile

Cooking Apple



Discovery apple on tree.


Good disease resistance. Firm & juicy apples. Pollinator Group: C.


Root Stock:M106


Dessert Apple



Katy apples on tree.


Early hardy dessert apple with red juicy refreshing fruit. Pollinator group: C.


Root Stock: M106

Dessert Apple



Spartan apple on tree.


The fruits are medium in size, and round-conical, but a little irregular in shape. The skin has a base of yellow which is almost entirely covered with a deep wine red and some broken purple stripes. On the tree it displays a lilac waxy bloom similar to that of a purple plum. If wiped off the apple displays a high gloss coat. The flesh inside is white, crisp and juicy, and displays many of the characteristics of the Mcintosh flavour- rich, sweet yet acid, with a fruity aroma, said to resemble a mixture of melon and strawberry. Pollinator group: C.


Root Stock: MM106


Self Fertile

Dessert Apple



Braeburn apples on tree


Braeburn apples are an old-fashioned sweet apple with a smooth and crisp texture. It's great for snacks and salads. It is a late season apple with a long storage life. Its eating qualities make it adaptable for cooking as well as fresh use. Pollinator Group E.


Root Stock:MM106 Ht.6ft.-8ft

Self Fertile

Dessert Apple

Golden Delicious


Golden Delicious apple.


This late dessert apple is the most widely planted variety in the world. Heavy and regular cropping. Sweet, refreshing flavour of golden/yellow apples. Good pollinator of other varieties. Pollinator group: C.


Root Stock:M27.


Dessert Apple

Laxton's Epicure



A compact tree with small yellow striped red fruits. Pollination group: B.


Rootstock: MM106.


Dessert Apple



Sunset apple on tree.


Very heavy regular cropper, superb aromatic flavour, crisp and juicy, golden-yellow with orange-red flush. A smaller apple than Cox but as it is much easier to grow it is widely grown as a garden variety. Suitable for colder areas and is more resistant to frost. Pollinator Group: C.


Root Stock: M106.


Self Fertile

Dessert Apple

Cox Queen


Cox Queen apples on tree.


A more highly coloured sort of Cox's Orange Pippin.  Dessert apple.  Season of Use: Oct-Dec Colour: Flushed:  Flavour: Aromatic: Origin: England 1953.

Pollination Group: C.


Root Stock: M26

Self Fertile

Dessert Apple

James Grieve


James Grieve apple on tree.


Reliable & heavy cropper. Good on a difficult site. Juicy apple with good flavour . Pollinator group: B


Rootstock: M26

Newton Wonder


Newton Wonder apples on tree.


The fruit is very large in size, flat round in shape. The skin is yellow, with a flush of orange red and russet freckles on top. The flesh is creamy white, acidic, juicy and somewhat course textured, and cooks to a yellow puree. Partly self fertile. Pollination Group: D.


Root Stock: MM106.


Partially Self Fertile

Cooking Apple

Worcester Pearmain


Worcester Pearmain apple on tree.


Densely sweet with an intense strawberry flavour when picked fully ripe. Regular prolific cropper. Apples golden-yellow, streaked crimson with white flesh. Very attractive distinctive blossom, almond opening to silvery white. Partially Self Fertile. Pollinator group: B.


Rootstock: M27.


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