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House Plants

House Plants or Indoor Plants are a great way to bring your garden in to your home. Rocky Mountain Nurseries stock a wide range of plants that can be grown indoors.

Many of our house plants are cultivated here in our nurseries and we have plants available all year round at unbeatable prices.


Here are just a few examples of House Plants we have available at Rocky Mountain Nurseries. If you can't find what you are looking for listed here please call or contact us as we may well have it in stock.



Evergreen erect perennial. Long stalked, oval leaves with a heart shaped base. Has long-lasting, bright red spathes with yellow spadices.


Height 60-75cm.

Spread 50cm.

Requires partial shade and moist soil.

Dipladenia Mandevilla


Clump forming perennial with fans of long, strap shaped leaves and clusters of trumpet flowers,borne on wiry stems in early summer.


Height 45cm.

Spread 23cm.

Requires full sun and well drained soil.

Stephanotis Floribunda


Moderately vigorous, evergreen, woody stemmed twining climber with leathery glossy leaves. Scented, waxy, white flowers appear in small clusters from Spring to Autumn.


Height 5m or more.

Minimum temperature 13-16 degrees C.

Requires partial shade.



Ficus Benjamina, evergreen, dense, round-headed, weeping tree, often with ariel roots. Has slender, pointed, lustrous leaves that are rich green with white variegation.


Requires full sun and well drained soil.

Fatsia Japonica


Evergreen, rounded, bushy and dense shrub with palmate, glossy, dark green leaves. Creamy-white large sprays of small white flowers bloom in Autumn.


Requires full sun.



Keep in a warm, draught free spot and it will flower for months. Water little and often.



Evergreen or semi evergreen perennial flowers consist of 3 outer sepals and 3 inner petals. Frost tender.


Minimum Temp 10 C

Cineraria Tricolour


A neat plant with a rounded and graceful habit and a brilliant range of colours.

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana


Bushy, perennial succulent with oval to oblong toothed glossy green leaves. Produces clusters of yellow, orange, pink, red or purple flowers, year-round. Makes an excellent house plant.


Height 30cm

Spread 30cm

Minimum 10 C

Requires sun.



African Violet Saintpaulia loves the humidity high ambient, so you can place it on a saucer filled with water and gravel or clay balls.


Watering: Do not water too much, once a week or every two days is enough.

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