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Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees are broadly described as any tree not grown specifically for its fruit. As you can imagine this includes a wide range of trees both large and small. Whatever your garden size we stock a wide range of ornamental trees to suit. Many varieties can be grown in pots or pruned to provide natural screening and structure to the garden. Larger trees can be planted for a grand focal point. Ornamental trees are also great for the environment and a magnet to wildlife attracting birds and useful insects in to your garden.

We cultivate many varieties of ornamental trees here in the Rocky Mountain Nurseries enabling us to offer hardy garden ready trees at unbeatable prices.


Here are just a few examples of Ornamental Trees we have available at Rocky Mountain Nurseries. If you can't find what you are looking for listed here please call or contact us as we may well have it in stock.

Acer Drummondii


A vigorous, deciduous spreading tree. Dark green leaves with creamy-white margins turn orange in Autumn and small clusters of red-tinged yellow Spring flowers. This handsome, round-headed tree is possibly the best variegated Norway maple. An excellent specimen tree for a medium-sized garden. It is pollution-tolerant and copes well on most soils, including clay.


 Height 15m.

Spread 10m.

Petula Pendula Youngii


Deciduous, weeping tree forming a mushroom-shaped dome of thread like branchlets. Has triangular, serrated leaves and smooth white bark that is fissured black at maturity.


Height 7 metres.

Requires full sun and well drained soil.

Dawn Redwood


Metasequoia Gly. Dawn Redwood, fast-growing, deciduous, upright conifer with fibrous, reddish bark. Soft, blue-green leaves turn yellow, pink and red in Autumn.


Height 16m.

Spread 5m.

Thrives best in wet soil and part shade.

Laburnum Vossii


Deciduous, spreading tree with glossy dark green leaves. Pendent chains of large yellow flowers are borne in late Spring and early Summer. Requires full sun and well drained soil.


Height 10 metres.

Spread 10 metres.

CAUTION:  Toxic if eaten.

Acer Fairview Flame


Acer rubrum - Fairview Flame Lipstick Maple (Red Maple) is a stunning tree with nice branch structure and a sensational Autumn colour. It is a relatively quick growing tree and makes a fine addition to larger gardens and parklands. Fairview Flame makes a stunning specimen tree or is a great choice for multiple plantings along a driveway or as an avenue.


Height: 8-12 metres.

Cotoneaster Coral Beauty


Evergreen, arching dense tree with small white flowers. Fruits are bright orange-red.

Euonymus Europaeus


Deciduous tree. Shoots develop corky wings. Dark green leaves, brilliant red in autumn. Inconspicuous, greenish flowers in summer followed by small red fruits.


Height 1.5m.

Spread 3m.

Harmful if eaten.

Full sun, well drained soil.

Malus John Downie


Crab Apple. Deciduous tree, narrow and upright when young and conical when mature. White flowers borne amid bright green foliage in late Spring are followed by large, edible, red-flushed crab apples in Autumn.


Height 20-24ft.

Full sun.

Betula Golden Beauty


A golden leaved Silver Birch tree that adds a light elegant feel to a garden. The bark is also attractive being white with some black fisures.


Height: 16ft (5m).

Plant in sun in most soil types.

Crataegus Double White


Flowering Thorn. Compact tree with sharply toothed dark green leaves. Double white flowers in late Spring.

Fagus Reversii


'Riversii' is a Copper Beech selection whose outer foliage darkens from bronze in Spring to black-magenta by early Summer. A grand, sculptural specimen tree with branches to the ground.

Acer Brilliantissimum


Small tree with a compact head. Ideal for the small garden. Leaves open a bright salmon pink, turning golden yellow, then green as the summer progresses.


Height 18 ft.

Spread 6 ft.

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