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Perennial Plants

Perennials, the term perennial describes any plant that is expected to live for more than two years. Often these plants will die back during the autumn and re-emerge in the spring. With care and feed these plants should improve year on year.

We cultivate many of our perennials right here in the Rocky Mountain Nurseries producing hardy garden ready plants at unbeatable prices.


Here are just a few examples of Perennial Plants we have available at Rocky Mountain Nurseries. If you can't find what you are looking for listed here please call or contact us as we may well have it in stock.

Anemone Japanese


Japanese Anemone: saucer shaped blooms appear in August to October.


Height 24".

Spread 12".

Requires any well drained soil. Prefers partial shade.



Coreopsis 'American Dream', is a clump-forming herbaceous perennial with linear, dark-green leaves and a profusion of small pink, daisy-like flowers throughout Summer and Autumn.

Helleborus Niger


Helleborus Niger Maximus, evergreen, clump-forming perennial with divided, deep green leaves and cup-shaped, nodding, white flowers borne in Winter or early Spring.


Height 30cm

Spread 30cm.

Requires partial shade and well-drained soil.

Pulmonaria Augustifolia


Pulmonaria Augustifolia Blue, offering deep colour under trees, Lungworts will grow in shady areas where other flowering plants will not. Like others in the Borage family, its clusters of flowers change colour as they age, from pink or red to blue.



Feathery plumes appear June to August.


Height 36".

Spread 18".

Requires moist humus rich soil. Prefers light shade.

Euphorbia Robbiae


Evergreen, spreading perennial with rosettes of dark green leaves, good ground cover in poor, dry soil and semi-shade. Lime-green flowers in Spring.


Harmful if eaten/skin + eye irritant.

Height 45-60cm.

Spread 60cm.

Requires partial shade and moist soil.

Heuchera Black Beauty


Black Beauty is a clump-forming, semi-evergreen perennial with shiny, deep maroon leaves with undulate margins and tiny whitish flowers on thin stalks in Summer.

Salvia Buchananii


Salvia  Buchananii is a tender, stoloniferous, woody-based perennial with lance-shaped, leathery, glossy, dark green leaves and erect, branching stems bearing loose racemes of hairy, tubular, rose-purple flowers from midsummer to mid-autumn.

Bergenia Bartok


Bright pink trumpet shaped flowers are carried in towering clusters on strong stems that emerge from a mass of very large shiny mid green leaves. Evergreen.

Geranium Max Frei


Geranium Max Frei, has deeply cut leaves that form a mat of foliage which is peppered in magenta flowers. The flowers are produced in Summer.



Spread 45cm.

Nepeta Six Hills Giant


Bears small violet flowers on upright spikes during May to September.


Height 24-36"

Spread 18".

Requires any well drained garden soil. Best in full sun.

Sedum Autumn Joy


Salmon-pink heads of tiny flowers 8" across .


Height 24"

Spread 12".

Flowers August to October. Likes well-drained soil. Thrives best in full sun.

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