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Roses are among the most popular of garden plants. They come with a wide range colours, sizes and scents and you will find one to suit almost any circumstance. Normally  quite easy to grow you will find them in boarders, containers or as ground cover in beds. Many varieties can also be trained over arches, up walls or over pergolas. If well looked after these beauties will go on for years.

We cultivate many of our roses right here in the Rocky Mountain Nurseries enabling us to offer hardy garden ready rose plants at unbeatable prices.


Here are just a few examples of Roses we have available at Rocky Mountain Nurseries. If you can't find what you are looking for listed here please call or contact us as we may well have it in stock.

Absolutely Fabulous


Rose Standard Absolutely Fabulous - Masses of ruffled blooms with an intoxicating perfume reminiscent of liquorice are produced abundantly on a bushy even plant.


Height 75cm (2.5ft).

David Austin Falstaff


David Austin Falstaff bears large crimson flowers with a shallow, cupped shape. They are of exquisite form and quality, packed with numerous petals which interfold at the centre. This helps to create a lovely, glowing effect within an enclosed saucer of outer petals. The blooms are a rich, dark crimson colouring at first, eventually turning to a wonderful shade of rich purple.

Flori Great Expectations


Rose Floribunda Great Expectations has large old-fashioned style blooms with highly attractive blends of apricot and pink borne in repeating trusses of 5 or 6 blooms. Shiny bronze healthy foliage. Wonderful sweet scent.


Height: 1m.

HT Superstar


Rose HT Superstar has beautifully shaped blooms on long stems with many medium sized petals, orange/vermillion in colour. Fragrant. Upright growth.


Height 3 ft.

Excellent for bedding and cutting.

Prone to disease (mildew).

Climber Best Wishes


Rose Climber Best Wishes is an old climbing rose with orange to red blooms. Fragrant.

Flori Blessings


Rose Floribunda Blessings, vivid cascades of cream, yellow and carmine pink blooms on a low arching bush making this attractive rose an ideal birthday present for that special lady! Can be grown in a pot or at the front of a border. Makes a lovely small rose hedge too!

HT National Trust


Rose HT National Trust has many clustering petals of a perfect form. Its crimson colour does not fade. Upright. Excellent for bed or border. Free-flowering.


Height 2ft.

Not fragrant.

Shrub Buff Beauty


Rose Shrub Buff Beauty has double, buff yellow blooms in large clusters. Thornless as they mature. Arching growth. Repeat flowering. Fragrant. Good hedging/cutting rose.

Climber Handel


Rose Climber Handel is a stiff, upright climbing rose. Urn-shaped, double flowers, 8cm across, are cream, edged with pinkish-red and produced in clusters in Summer/Autumn. Slightly scented.

Flori English Miss


Rose Floribunda English Miss has camellia-like flowers, silver pink, edged deep pink. Free-flowering, bushy growth. Very fragrant.


Height: 2-3 ft.

HT Silver Lining


Rose HT Silver Lining is very fragrant. It has elegant blooms of silvery pink, silver reverse, with large petals. Branching growth.

Shrub Fantin la Tour


Rose Shrub Fantin la Tour is a vigorous, shrubby provence rose. Flowers appear in Summer and are cupped to flat, fully double bluish pink with neat, green button eyes. Has broad, dark green leaves.


Height 1.5m.

Spread 1.2m.

Requires full sun and well drained soil.


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