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Shrubs are great for adding structure to your garden. Many plants will develop in to either shrubs or trees depending on their environment. With many evergreen varieties available they can add bring colour and interest to your garden all year round.

We grow a large variety of shrubs here in the Rocky Mountain Nurseries  enabling us to produce outdoor ready plants at unbeatable prices.


Here are just a few examples of Shrubs we have available at Rocky Mountain Nurseries. If you can't find what you are looking for listed here please call or contact us as we may well have it in stock.

Berberis Red Jewel


'Red Jewel' is a small, spiny, semi-evergreen shrub with a dense, rounded habit. Its foliage is reddish-purple turning deeper purple with age. Its small flowers are pale-yellow.

Forsythia Lynwood


Deciduous, vigorous, upright bushy shrub. Has stout shoots and oblong sharply toothed mid green leaves. Large 4 lobed deep yellow flowers are borne sparsely from early to mid Spring.


Height 3m.

Requires full sun and well drained soil. Ideal for hedges.


Pink Marble


Pink Marble Photinia has very special variegated foliage displaying green, cream, pink and young red shoots at the same time. There is no other Photinia like it which is sure to make it a winner for those gardeners seeking something a little different from the regular Red Robin variety.

Buddleja White Bouquet


Scented spikes of white flowers with a yellow eye during July to September. Height up to 8ft.  Requires any well drained soil. Prefers a sunny position.

Hydrangea Macrophyllia


Hydrangea macrophylla blossoms are either pink or blue, depending on a pH-dependent mobilization and uptake of soil aluminium into the plants.


Orange Glow


'Orange Glow' is a vigorous, thorny evergreen shrub with oblong, glossy dark green leaves and small, white flowers followed by bright orange berries.

Weigela Florida


Weigela Florida Alexandria, Wine and Roses, is a large deciduous shrub with purple-tinted ovate leaves that deepen in colour as they age. In late Spring to early Summer it bears clusters of pink tubular flowers.


Height 4-5 ft.

Ceanothus Repens


Evergreen, dense shrub with racemes of blue flowers in late Spring.


Height 2 ft.

Spread 4-5 ft.

Magnolia Stellata


Deciduous, bushy, dense shrub. Fragrant, star shaped flowers in early S


Height: 6 ft.

Vibernum Tinus


Evergreen, rounded, bushy shrub with dark green foliage and white flowers. Flourishing in full sun or part shade, Viburnum's will tolerate most soils other than very wet soils, being well suited to chalk soils. Avoid planting in extremely hot, droughty or dry exposed cold areas.


Prune out old and dead wood in Winter.

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