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Soft Fruit

The only thing more satisfying than growing your own soft fruit is eating your own soft fruit. Our soft fruit range covers a large selection of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, hybrids, currants, gooseberries, blueberries, and cranberries.

We cultivate most of our soft fruit plants here in the Rocky Mountain Nurseries  enabling us to produce outdoor ready plants at unbeatable prices.


Here are just a few examples of Soft Fruit Plants we have available at Rocky Mountain Nurseries. If you can't find what you are looking for listed here please call or contact us as we may well have it in stock.


Lock Tay


The ideal choice for the smaller garden as it produces short, upright canes which need little support - a post is sufficient - with the added bonus of no thorns, making picking easy. Rich, full flavoured fruit in mid-August. Produces up to 10lb of fruit per plant when established. Bred by SCRI.




Culinary: Very large yellow-green fruit with excellent flavour. This gooseberry bush has good mildew resistance and will provide heavy yields of good sized fruit.




Large luscious red fruits are produced in profusion from mid July through August, producing up to 2½kg (6lb) from a single plant in a season.


Redcurrant ‘Rovada’ bears its generous crop in long strings making them particularly easy to harvest. Redcurrants have a long cropping season, freeze well and are perfect for pies and jams.


Height 120cm.

Spread: 120cm (47").




The sweetest blackcurrant ever! This outstanding dessert variety is so exceptionally sweet that it can be eaten straight form the bush when fully ripe. Heavy crops of large, firm currants - each one up to twice the size of a normal blackcurrant - are produced for harvesting from early to mid July.


The bushy plants have a slightly open, spreading habit which makes harvesting so easy. This rewarding variety is easy to grow and has excellent mildew resistance.


Height 120cm

Spread: 120cm (47").




Grape Bianca vines are deciduous vines perfect for anyone considering growing edible grapes. They are surprisingly easy to grow and can be planted in the ground all year round. This vine produces large green edible grapes and is ideal for a conservatory or sunny south facing wall.




One of the easiest varieties to grow . Victoria produces an excellent crop of greenish sticks which are not inclined to stringiness. Excellent for pies and preserves.




Mid season - Considered the best all around variety for consistent yields; large, high quality fruit and disease resistance. Bluecrop is an upright, open growing shrub.


Height 5-6 feet.


Joan J


An outstanding spine-free, Autumn fruiting, primocane raspberry. Superb flavour and stunning berry size make this variety second to none for picking and eating. The berries are 30% larger than Autumn Bliss and freeze exceptionally well.



Primocane: Fruits on the new growth.



Strawberries Cambridge Favorite, a well known and reliable cropper in all sorts of soils and conditions, giving you plenty of medium-sized light red fruits which hold their shape and flavour particularly well.


Medium sized light red fruits with good flavour.



Whitecurrant White Versailles, the first white currant in both popularity and picking time. The trusses are long and heavy, the fruits are pale yellow and pleasantly sweet. Very reliable giving good crops year after year. Picking time early July.

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